Tips for Contact Lens safety and care!

Whether you wear glasses or contact lenses, you are required to take care of your glasses and lenses properly. Out of the two, improper care of lenses can cause severe damage to your eyes.

Contact Lens Care- Basic Rules:

Since the contact lenses get placed directly on your eyes, it is important that you maintain proper contact lens hygiene. If proper care is not taken, there is a possibility that your eyes might get introduced to contamination. You can follow the following basic rules for keeping your contact lenses and your eyes germs free:

  1. Wash your hands properly before you put on your contact lenses.
  2. Avoid reusing old contact lens solution. Clean and store your contact lens in fresh solution.
  3. Do not wash your case with water. Use solution to clean the case, let it dry completely and then use it again. Make sure you replace it every three months.
  4. Read the instructions well to know how long you can use the pair of lens for.

To avoid irritation and infection:

While we know how to take care of the lenses when they are out of eyes, we must understand and take right measures to keep them safe when the lenses are in. Stick to the following rules to keep your eyes safe when you wear lenses:

  1. Strictly avoid rubbing your eyes as it can dislodge or damage the contact. This action can introduce oils and germs from your fingers into your eyes. It will also increase irritation.

  2. While you have your contacts on, make sure you are hydrated, blinking often, and using the eye drops prescribed/recommended for contact wearers. Following this practice will help you keep your eyes sufficiently moisturized. Having dry eyes can be painful for people with contacts.

  3. Follow all the instructions that state the duration of keeping your contacts in. Wearing them overnight is not recommended unless they are rightly prescribed and designed for the same. If you keep your lenses for a longer time, they can cause serious discomfort. The surface of our eyes gets oxygen from the air directly and if wrong pair of lens is worn, it can starve the eyes of oxygen.